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Logic and Logistics, Inc. was founded in 1988, by Jon Mitchell, to provide software and systems development to the logistics industry. 

Today, Logic and Logistics, Inc. provides advanced .NET based logistics tools for optimizing routes and rating carriers and sells professional services to shippers, suppliers and third party logistics providers.

Contact: Jon Mitchell, President
Logic and Logistics, Inc
1248 Mill Glen Dr
Atlanta, GA 30338

Email: jmitchell@logicandlogistics.com

Phone: 404-723-2443

Supply Chain and Logistics Software and Services:

  • Supply Chain And Logistics Consulting Services
  • Transportation Network Optimization
  • CZAR LTL Rating
  • 3PL Business Practices
  • Freight Carrier Tariffs and Practices
  • Shipper Practices
  • Transaction Systems Design and Development
  • Decision Support Systems Data Warehousing EDI
  • Cost Accounting Logistics Supply Chain CRM
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)
  • Order Entry Purchase Order Inventory
  • General Accounting Systems i.e. GL, AR, AP Inventory
  • Shipment Management Systems (SMS)
  • Shipment Planning Systems
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Vehicle Routing and optimization
  • Transportation Master Plans
  • Network analysis and design
  • Procurement assistance
  • Carrier selection
  • Facility location
  • Outsourced 3PL Services
  • Transportation Master Plans
  • Bid proposals and RFQs
  • INNORate XL - Commercial Rating engine
  • INNORoute Multi-Carrier Route Optimization Toolkit
  • New customer evaluation - historical data
  • Network analysis and design
  • Procurement assistance
  • Carrier selection
  • Optimized Daily Execution
  • Facility location
  • Internal costing
  • Carrier and Rate management
       INNORoute Savings Strategies
Dynamic Route Optimization
Real-Time Rate Shopping
Multi Stop Truckload
Mode Optimization
Load Planning
Routing Rules Enforcement
Fleet vs Commercial Carrier
Order Bundling - Order Aggregation
Pool Points or Cross Docking
Network Modeling

  Least Cost Shipping Plans Rate Shopper In Action Setup INNORoute for Savings LTL, TL, Fleet Rail Rates