INNORoute is Not a Simple Fleet Router
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    FAQS About INNORoute
    Q. What is INNORoute?
    A. INNORoute is a route panning tool similar to I2 Transportation Modeler or CAPS Transpro that creates optimized shipping plans for retail, wholesale, manufacturing, 3pl operations and supports aggregation, inbound, outbound, multi-stop truckloads, pooling, continuous moves, and round trips as well as fleet scheduling. INNORoute also has an embedded rating engine, INNORate, that allows it to perform rating, mode and carrier selection using your rates as well as route your loads by choosing among private fleet, contract, and common carriers.
  Q. How is INNORoute different from generic low-end "fleet routing" software?
  A. INNORoute is more than just a simple fleet routing or vehicle routing application. INNORoute considersall your modes and carriers when determining the least-cost shipment plan. Cheaper fleet-only software packages do not. Since many companies with a private fleet also have a substantial FTL and LTL expense, optimizing a shipment across all modes and carriers is the only way to ensure you are shipping the most efficient way. So INNORoute optimizes all modes and provides fleet management and scheduling as well, making it a much more cost effective tool that a generic fleet routing system
  Q. Can INNORoute assist in strategic planning?
  A. Actually, INNORoute is the central tool in any transportation-related strategic planning project be it a one-time evaluation of your current logistics network, an ongoing continuous-improvement process or a wholesale top-down reconfiguration. INNORoute's "Project" based design will support you and your project team as you systematically address each of the following: Logistics network design Service commitments Facility locations Resource allocation Routing and scheduling Shipment planning Mode mix Carrier mix Fleet size and profile Management review Plants, orders, suppliers, distribution centers, customers, products The impact of new business, expanded service areas or new facilities Potentially profitable new strategies such as pooling, cross-docking, facility consolidation, expanded use of continuous moves or dedicated fleets can be quickly validated for feasibility.
  Q. Does INNORoute support Logistics Consulting, Supply Chain Consulting or Transportation Consulting?
  A. All three! INNORoute (and INNORate) allows consultants to quickly analyze at any level of detail and for any time frame. So you can analyze a single day of shipments, relocate a facility based on last years data, balance you fleet and commercial resources or build next year's core carrier roster using RFQ data.  So INNORoute it the perfect tool for Logistics Consultants, Supply Chain Consultants or Transportation Consultants.
  Q. Can INNORoute assist in tactical/operational areas such as daily shipment planning?
  A. Absolutely. INNORoute can be run manually or called from your ERP to quickly produce optimized shipping plans for next-day or next-week processing, based on your rates and shipping rules and also manage/schedule private fleets. All relevant data, tariff specifics, up-to-date rates, customer open times, vehicle capacities, and federal hours-of-service rules are stored in the INNORoute and INNORate databases. And when combined with order specifics such as due dates, weight and volume, INNORoute quickly delivers the least-cost shipping solution for the order set.
  Q. Is INNORoute easy for my employees to use?
  A. Yes. While it’s true that the internals of network optimization are like rocket science, INNORoute’s easy-to-use interface makes it sheer simplicity. Obviously, it helps to be familiar with terms such as "FTL", "LTL", "Rate-per-mile" and "Minimums". But once your rates are loaded, daily planning and dispatch with INNORoute is basically point and click.
  Q. In addition to outbound, does INNORoute support Inbound, pooling and continuous move as well?
  A. Yes, INNORoute has powerful heuristic routing algorithms, rating formulas and pipeline processes to support milk-run, pooling and continuous moves on an outbound and inbound basis as well as complex real-world constraints
  Q. Who is INNORoute’s "perfect user"?
  A. Since INNORoute is very comprehensive logistics toolkit, it can be used not only by suppliers shipping outbound, but also retailers optimizing inbound freight, 3PL providers coordinating inbound and outbound, and transportation consultants evaluating the entire logistics network.
  Q. Is there anything specific about 3PL that INNORoute supports?
  A. Yes. INNORoute rates and tariffs can be saved by client so you can actually run client-specific plans or administer the client-specific tariffs that you inherit when you take on new business.(detailed 3PL info)
  Q. How does INNORate fit into the picture?
  A. INNORate, our embeddable rating engine, is built into INNORoute to provide administration of, and access to your vast rating data including fleet costs, LTL tariffs, FTL fixed and FTL per-mile rates. LTL rates can access CZAR or your own rate pony. FTL origins and destinations can be conveniently entered as USPS codes. For example: you can quickly set up a 1.50 per mile rate with a 5% surcharge from the USPS origin code "Atlanta, GA" to USPS destination code "NY,MA,PA". Better yet, ask your carriers to send in spreadsheets and quickly import the rates.
  Q. How does INNORoute calculate mileages?
  A. INNORoute uses your preferred mileage engine including PC Miler, ProMiles or Rand McNally to generate practical "drive" miles during optimization. You can also use "fly miles", if you choose
  Q. Is INNORoute a complete Transportation Management System or TMS?
  A. INNORoute is more of a "mini" TMS in that provides the most essential features needed in a TMS (route optimization and tariff management) as either a tightly embedded component or stand-alone application. This allows you to create your own  best-of breed TMS. For example, you can embed INNORoute into your current logistics process and tool set or integrate INNORoute with other off-the-shelf TMS components to create the perfect TMS for your needs.
       INNORoute Savings Strategies
Dynamic Route Optimization
Real-Time Rate Shopping
Multi Stop Truckload
Mode Optimization
Load Planning
Routing Rules Enforcement
Fleet vs Commercial Carrier
Order Bundling - Order Aggregation
Pool Points or Cross Docking
Network Modeling

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