INNORoute is Not a Simple Fleet Router
But a Full Featured Shipment Planner
for LTL, TL, Fleet, Pooling and Rail
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   The INNORate Rater
Rate Shopping and Tariff Management
For LTL - TL - Rail - Fleet

Shop Among Multiple Carriers and Even Multiple Modes

INNORate is a embeddable multi-carrier, multi-mode rating engine that allows companies to shop among all their LTL, TL and Fleet carriers for least-cost or best service. It also offers access to other rate-related attributes such as drive miles and zip code cross referencing.
Embed it into your ERP or web application. We have embedded it into our own INNORoute as well as INNORate-XL, our Excel analytical add-in
INNORate allows users to:

  • store and retrieve point-to-point, multi-stop FTL rates and internal fleet costs
  • seamlessly access SMC's CZAR LTL rater
  • store weekly fuel surcharge data for calculating fuel surcharges.

Most importantly for logistics analysts and 3PL providers (FAQs), INNORate (using INNORate-XL) can be called from Excel allowing for access to carrier rates and least-cost rating algorithms without leaving Excel.

Benefits of INNORate

  • Manages all modes and carriers: LTL and FTL tariffs as well as Fleet rates.
  • Embeddable in your process as a TMS
  • Faster access to operationally critical information
  • Single system to manage all rates and rate- related data.
  • Fast, easy process for updating LTL, FTL and Fleet Rates and costs
  • Enables rate shopping across all modes and carriers
  • Simplifies transportation decisions and reduces shipping costs
  • Accurate, timely decision-making based on up-to-date pricing
  • Accommodates multiple contract-specific discounting and fuel surcharge methods
  • Seamless access to CZAR rating for LTL pricing
  • Reduced labor cost through automated rate shopping and tariff administration
  • Never leave Excel: Use INNORate-XL to access rate data from Excel
  • Designed With 3PLs In Mind
  • Provides information essential for modern Logistics Management 
  • Essential for Logistics Consulting, Supply Chain Consulting and Transportation Consulting

INNORate was specifically designed to support 3PL provider requirements from the ground up. Rates can be assigned 3PL customer codes allowing INNORate to store rates for separate customers, companies and branches. 3PLs can now do entire proposals, quotes and complex billing without ever leaving Excel.

Fast Rating - Rich Feature Set

INNORate has unique features not available in any other single rate-related application. INNORate can facilitate:

  • Carrier Shopping (Least Cost, Best Service, Other Constraints)
  • Core Carrier Enforcement
  • Mode Shift Analysis
  • Freight Bill Auditing
  • Secure Global Sharing Of All Your Freight Data
  • Customer Billing (Prepay and Add)
  • Web access to Negotiated Rates and Best Carriers
  • Spreadsheet/Database analysis
  • Third Party Billing
  • LTL, FTL and Fleet

Planning and operations can use the same rating database across the network or even across the country. INNORate facilitates that and more by encapsulating all the rating logic your applications needs into one easy-to-use, globally accessible rating object and database. Now you can access Less-than-truckload, CZAR, Pony, Full Truck Load, Mileage based, Fixed, Step, Variable, Regional, Zip-3, Zip-5, Foreign Postal Code, Air, Parcel, Zone and CWT rates, pound and kilo based rates in US and European formats.

Made Embeddable With Microsoft .Net Framework

INNORate can be embedded into practically any application. For example, INNORate can be:

  • Integrated with your own enterprise operations and billing software
  • Accessed from MS Excel spreadsheets or MS Access databases
  • Put into Microsoft Transaction Server Or Site Server or your own proprietary transaction pipeline process
  • Copied down to a laptop and carried to a consulting engagement or customer location
  • Put out on the Internet
  • Referenced from MS .NET Visual Basic, C#, Visual C++ or other ActiveX capable applications
  • Embedded into other LIS commercial applications for resale
  • Synchronized with several INNORate replication sites around the country or even around the world
  • We embed INNORate into INNORoute to provide fast, accurate carrier and rate information for own optimization.
            INNORate at a Glance

  • Easily saves 15% or more
  • Designed for 3PLs and Shippers
  • Shop Multiple Carriers and Modes
  • Supports LTL, TL, Fleet and Rail
  • Access SMC's CZAR LTL rater
  • Single rate database for all carriers
  • Store weekly fuel surcharge pricing
  • Fast access to critical mgt info
  • Simplifies transportation decisions
  • Tariff-specific discount rates
  • Reduced costs with automation 
  • Perfect for Logistics Consultants
  • Core Carrier Enforcement
  • Mode Shift Analysis
  • Global Sharing of all rate data
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