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  The INNORoute Optimization Toolkit  
Easily Net Savings of 25 percent While Routing ALL Freight Simultaneously

INNORoute is a route planning tool similar to I2 Transportation Modeler or CAPS Transpro that creates "least cost" optimized shipping plans for retail, wholesale, manufacturing, 3pl operations.INNORoute supports essential cost-saving strategies such as outbound, multi-stop truckloads, pooling, continuous moves, and round trips as well as fleet scheduling.

But INNORoute is not a simple "fleet router" because INNORoute looks at all modes to route freight and all carriers to rate freight.

And INNORoute is not an intrusive, complex, multi-module TMS suite that disrupts your current processes and procedures. INNORoute is a simple drop-in application that adds value to the way you currently do business.

Vehicle Routing Optimization Toolkit

  • Multi-Carrier and Multi-Mode
  • Optimize LTL, Truckload Fleet and Rail Together
  • Creates Least-Cost Shipping Plans In Minutes
  • Clear winner over Caps TransPro and I2 T-Mod
  • Rating, Routing, Modeling, Planning, Analysis

INNORoute analyzes at execution time all relevant inputs and constraints including CZAR Rates, stop-off points, delivery windows, pool points, all tariffs on file (via INNORate), spot rates, practical driving miles, availability dates, due dates, "due-after" dates, driving times, DOT regulations, load and unload times, fleet capacity, equipment capability and availability, weight and volume restrictions, and commercial carrier availability to deliver a least-cost solution. 

Results are realistic and actionable and completely consistent with the way you do business.

Rating, Routing, Modeling, Planning and Analysis

  • Optimized least-cost, real-world shipping plans in minutes
  • Considers all mode, carrier and vehicle options, not just fleet
  • View solutions/make changes in interactive map (MapView)
  • Considers open/close times, vehicle capacities, hours-of-service rules
  • Enforces core-carrier lists
  • Multiple DCs can be run in a single scenario
  • Costs much less than similar features in I2 Transportation Modeler (compare to I2)
  • Administer all logistics information from a single location
  • Single rate database supports LTL, FTL and Fleet
  • Supports strategic planning and operational execution in a single platform
  • Considers cost saving options such as pooling and continuous move
  • Advanced Optimization Algorithms For Fast Results
  • Uses the embdedded INNORate TMS Rating Engine

 Determines which strategies is most cost effective

  • Aggregation - orders going to the same location are combined into a single shipment.
  • Continuous Moves - Non-DC pickup/delivery orders destined for the same general area are combined to create a continuous truckload move. Fleet and common carriers are evaluated to determine the least-cost option.
  • Consolidation - Outbound/Inbound orders within the same general area are assigned to a multi-stop, multi-pickup route. Fleet and common carriers are evaluated to determine the least-cost option.
  • Pooling - multiple orders going long distances to a contiguous region are tested for pooling using tariffs, vehicle capacities and pooling costs and capacities.
  • Direct - Failing all of the above, orders are sent directly as an LTL or FTL move.

Ideal for Shippers and 3PLs

  • Supports Optimized Daily Execution or Long Term Planning
  • Bid proposals and RFQs
  • New customer evaluation
  • Internal costing Carrier and Rate management
  • Uses PC Miler, Rand McNally or ProMiles
  • Supports Canada and Mexico locatations
  • Use stand-alone or embed into your current supply chain process
  • Provides information essential for modern Logistics Management 
  • Essential for Logistics Consulting, Supply Chain Consulting and Transportation Consulting

Enforces Core-Carrier Usage For Even Greater Savings

Core Carrier Programs have become an industry standard practice that allows companies to manage the supply chain at the earliest stage in the process. Strengthening relationships with "core" carriers brings many benefits in terms of cost and service including addressing special needs such as drop trailers, special loading and unloading instructions and priority unloading not to mention favorable cost and payment terms.

INNORoute supports your Core Carrier Program by ensuring that only core carriers are used. And of those core carriers, only the least-cost/ best-service carrier is used. And because INNORoute supports commercial and fleet resources, your fleet vehicle will be assigned over the core carriers if it is profitable to do so. 

          INNORoute at a Glance

  • Savings of 25 percent or more
  • Better than a simple "fleet router"
  • Ideal for both Shippers and 3PLs
  • Supports Multi-Carrier, Multi-Mode
  • Optimize LTL, Truckload Fleet , Rail
  • Delivers Least-Cost Shipping Plans
  • Rating, Routing, Modeling, Planning
  • Enforces core-carrier lists
  • Advanced Optimization Algorithms
  • Uses INNORate Rating Engine
  • Supports Canada and Mexico
  • Stand-alone or server-based
  • Perfect for Logistics Consultants
      Least Cost Shipping Plans Rate Shopper In Action Setup INNORoute for Savings LTL, TL, Fleet Rail Rates